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Studio Yoga available time

Studio yoga is a great way to experience yoga in a group setting.

To reserve a one hour studio yoga session, please select one of the available time slots below.

Private Yoga available time

What exactly is private yoga?

Private yoga class is a great opportunity in many respects. Not only would I recommend it as beneficial for introducing someone to the benefits of yoga practice, but private yoga is ideal for those experienced yogis looking to deepen their practice. Essentially, the one-on-one experience allows student and teacher to address more completely the physical, mental and emotional issues that complicate our daily lives.

To reserve a one hour private yoga session, please select one of the available time slots below.

Structural Therapy Available Time

Is structural therapy for you? What exactly is structural therapy?

For Ori, Structural Therapy can be described as the following: a combination of muscle spasm, deep tissue, tendon, nerve and energy release. Ori uses the following therapies to bring one's structure into alignment and relieve pain while promoting range of motion and holistic well being: myofascial palpation, ayurveda, acupressure meridian and trigger point techniques.

Clearing Nadis (in simplistic channels) is another method that Ori promotes throughout her Structural Therapy sessions.

Also unique to Ori's practice is the breakdown of arthritis and joint rehabilitation.

To reserve a structural therapy session, please select one of the available time slots below.


I grew up traveling around the world, living with and learning many different cultures, languages, and lifestyles. My parents found a culture in India that is very family based, but more importantly, spiritually based. They moved my sistser and me to India when I was 10 and live there still today.

We studied vedant philosophy, meditation, Sanskrit, pranayam, chanting, Hindi, and yoga in the Guru tradition. I began my own practice of yoga asanas at the age of 2 1/2 with Gopal Bello who I have since taught teacher tranings with at the Iyengar Institute in N.Y.C. My father taught dance, yoga, and meditation through~out my childhood, which I participated in on a regular basis. Once we moved to India my yoga practice became a spiritual, intellectual and physical practice covering all 8 limbs of yog.

I received my Masters in Meditation and philosophy at the age of 16 from the International Meditation Institute in Kullu, Valley of the Gods and began my teaching career of philosophy and meditation. I taught Patanjali Yog Darshan, which is one of the oldest texts, written in Sanskrit. I learned stotrams in Sanskrit, which are songs that have been passed down for thousands of years from spiritual “gurus” to their disciples in what is called the “Guru tradition” that tell stories about the human predicament of thinking that what we experience through our senses is the “truth” of our existence, whereas when we close our eyes and look within we find a knower that knows a knowledge that fulfills our intrinsic desire to be connected to all aspects of ourselves and the universe around us moment to moment. When I was 18 I opened my first yoga and aerobics studio in Kullu, India.

At 21 I took a break from teaching for several years to study the scientific version of my spiritual understanding of the human being. I studied premed, somatics, nutrition, ayurveda, homoeopathy, acupressure, pilates, weight training, egoscue method, Fendenkrais, vinyaas yoga, Tibetan yoga, inyengar yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, aerobics, and for work I was a nutritionist at a health club, landscape designer, interior decorator, runway model, and several things in between. It was when I opened my studio in Brooklyn, N.Y. and started working with professional athletes that my interest in myofascial palpation and trigger point therapy combined with yoga became my focal point. For the past 12 years I have been studying and practicing a combination of Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyaas Yoga, somatics, egoscue method with pranayam, meditation, and myofascial palpation, trigger point therapy and energy work. Whether I am teaching a yoga class or doing reconstructive tendon work I try to address all aspects of each person to include their inner spirit, energy, mind, emotions, and body.

Your interest in Ori Yoga is much appreciated. Please take a moment to fill out my brief form. The information you share with me is invaluable to properly access your needs.

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